Networking and Mentoring

COWE is first and foremost a body which was formed to support women entrepreneurs and as such networking and mentoring are at the core of its mission. As part of this it organises many events which help women celebrate their successes and share their stories while networking for growth of their businesses. Some of these events are

Women’s Day Celebration
  • Monthly Networking events
  • Womenenovator
  • Annual COWE Awards
  • Women’s Day Celebrations

COWE creates opportunities for the start ups and  Young college girls to pursue entrepreneurship  by the way of mentoring,  Internships and  project reports in  our existing industries through “Young COWE”

It also helps new entrepreneurs by giving them access to women who are successful in their field or in similar areas. We also link Women to consultants, government officials, financial institutions and experts in various fields for any problems or issues they may face.